Secret Sock Society Programs
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3 Great Ways to Help a Child Enjoy Winter Sports and Activities

The “Snow Angels” Program

The Snow Angels Program is a sponsorship program that connects one donor with one child to provide that child warm winter outerwear. Since 2006 generous adults have been taking on the role of “Snow Angels” by adopting a child in need of warm winter clothing. Providing a child with a jacket, ski pants, boots and/or accessories allows that child to go out to recess at school, play outside in the snow at home, and stay warm at the bus stop all winter. Our Secret Sock Society program recipients are identified by their school nurse, all requests must come through a school nurse. Donors are given the age and sizes for the child they will help and can then opt to shop for or provide funds for the purchases of the child's winter outerwear. Our Secret Sock Society shoppers can do the shopping for a donor and are skilled at getting a bargain, although many "Snow Angels" enjoy the fun of selecting their donations themselves. All donations are delivered to the school by the Secret Sock Society and distributed privately by a school nurse. The average cost to outfit a child in a jacket and ski pants is $100. The average cost of a pair of snow boots is $50. Needs vary and many of the children may only need boots or a jacket, depending on the availability of hand­-me-­downs in their family. All students receive new garments and/or boots.

The Sock Program

The Ski Socks Program started in 2012 based on a need identified by a Snowboard Instructor. Many of the children in school based snowsports programs arrive at the mountain in low­rise cotton socks. Cotton sock do not keep a child warm and tend to wrinkle; which leads to an uncomfortable day on the slopes. The Secret Sock Society provides ski/snowboard socks to students in the school-­based ski program who need them. We have found that our recipients are very responsible and motivated by comfort; returning each week with their new socks on! Learning a snow sport is challenging enough in itself, with comfortable feet this program provides comfort for a child so that they're able to focus on learning versus discomfort. The Ski Sock Program is funded by the sale of our Secret Sock Society logo pins. Pins cost $10 and are available during ski season from a SSS Board Member or at the Cannonball Pub at Cannon Mountain.

The Snowsports Program

Snowsports opportunities are made possible through donations and generous grants. Both programs are designed to give North Country students a chance to try a snow sport. Each winter thousands of children from all over New England ski and snowboard in northern New Hampshire. Unfortunately, rural poverty prevents a large number of local schoolchildren from ever having the opportunity to try skiing or snowboarding. Snowsports Field Trips The SSS funds a whole class of 5th grade students to try skiing and/or snowboarding at a local ski area. This is a day when “No Child is Left Behind” and everyone is provided with a lesson, rental equipment, and a lift ticket. Applications and invitations to selected local schools are sent out in September and Field Trips take place in February/ March. The per pupil cost for a child to participate in the Snow Sports Field Trip Program is $55 Snowsports Sponsorships The SSS funds students to participate in their school-based (pay-to-play), 6-week winter ski program. The cost per student varies ($65-$116) depending on the school and ski area they attend and transportation. Each student is provided a lift ticket, group lesson and rental equipment (including helmet) once a week for six weeks beginning in January. Students are chaperoned by school personnel, parents and certified snowsports instructors. Please consider funding some fun, with a donation to put a student on the slopes! Thank you for your interest in the Secret Sock Society.
Myth vs. Reality and School-Based Ski Programs
There is a widely held myth in the North Country with regard to school-based ski programs. Many people believe that all children go skiing as part of their school activities during the six-week programs held at local ski areas. The reality is that only students from households who can afford to pay the ($60-$100) program fee are able to participate in these programs.  Most schools provide alternative activities for the children who are left behind when the bus rolls off to the ski slopes.  Although alternative programming is an admirable effort by school personnel to provide for all students, inequity is the reality for the students who cannot participate in ski programs. The children who are economically ineligible for these programs lose more than an opportunity to ski; they lose an opportunity to build their self-concept through mastery of a challenging outdoor physical activity.  Learning a new skill is directly linked to an increased sense of self-efficacy in young people. Please consider lending your support to the Secret Sock Society and help some local students afford the opportunity to get on the slopes with their classmates, an opportunity that these kids otherwise would not have.