The Snow Angels Program

The Snow Angels Program is a sponsorship program that connects one donor with one child to provide that child warm winter outerwear. Since 2006 generous adults have been taking on the role of “Snow Angels” by adopting a child in need of warm winter clothing. Providing a child with a jacket, ski pants, boots and/or accessories allows that child to go out to recess at school, play outside in the snow at home and stay warm at the bus stop all winter.

Secret Sock Society program recipients are identified by their school nurse and all requests must come through a school nurse. Donors are given the age and sizes for the child they will help and can then opt to shop for or provide funds for the purchases of the child's winter outerwear.  Secret Sock Society shoppers can do the shopping for a donor and are skilled at getting a bargain, although many "Snow Angels" enjoy the fun of selecting their donations themselves. All donations are delivered to the school by the Secret Sock Society and distributed privately by a school nurse.

The average cost to outfit a child in a jacket and ski pants is $100. The average cost of a pair of snow boots is $50. Needs vary and many of the children may only need boots or a jacket, depending on the availability of hand­me-downs in their family. Donor generosity has allowed us to provide for 125 local student at a cost of $9,500 over the past twelve years.

To become a Snow Angel and help a student enjoy winter, please email the Secret Sock Society at