Our Story

The Secret Sock Society’s history is one of generosity born of awareness. Donors and grantors have allowed one teacher’s advocacy for children to become a 501c3 public charity.

It began in 2006 with the Snow Angels Program. A North Country teacher, Nancy Annunziato, spearheaded a group of her Cannon Mountain ski friends to anonymously provide jackets, ski pants, boots and other winter accessories for students in her school who were identified as needing a little help, allowing those children at Whitefield Elementary School to enjoy winter. These dedicated donors were affectionately labeled Snow Angels and their generosity continues.

In 2012 the Sock Program was established to provide ski socks to public school students attending the Cannon Mountain Snowsports School’s six-week school-based program.

The Secret Sock Society (SSS) was incorporated in 2014 and gained non-profit status to encompass both of these initiatives. With generous donations, community support and grants:

  • The Snow Angels Program has expanded to include K-8 students from five schools that serve eight towns in Coos, Carrol, and Grafton counties and has provided winter warmth for 125 North Country students since 2014.
  • The Sock Program has warmed hundred of toes and hearts in the past six years and was the inspiration for the organization’s name.
  • And yet a third program was realized, The Snowsports Field Trip Program. From the start, the Sock Program was widely supported by Cannon skiers and riders and it gave the Secret Sock Society an opening to tell another story. Providing warmth for students was SSS’s top priority, but the organization also strived to provide local 5th-grade students the chance to ski. Approximately half of the local students are financially ineligible to participate in the six-week school-based (pay-to-play) ski program. In an effort to enrich the lives of local 5th graders, the Secret Sock Society began fundraising and writing grants for a learn-to-ski field trip. Three years and 344 students later the Snowsports Field Trip Program is delivering joy every March at Cannon Mountain.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of friends, donors and the local support from the Lahout family of businesses, the Cannonball Pub, the Cannon Mountain community, and Genfoot Corporation Inc.

Thank you all so much for your support!